Corporate stay

Africa Hotel is ready to make a long-term contract for corporate servicing with the companies that need to find accommodation in Tomsk for their employees during business trips.

Conveniently located in the centre of Tomsk and offering to its quests such facilities as a kitchenette with modern appliances including washing machines, free superspeed WiFi, and stylish interiors, our hotel is the perfect choice for those seeking comfortable rest and productive work.

Advantages of corporate servicing

Companies that have concluded a corporate service contract do not waste time making calls to numerous hotels with a view of comparing their rates and location, do not have to check the payment details and obtain the requested proving accounting documents from a variety of juridical entities. All these can be done in short time and in one place.

A corporate contract ensures accommodation for your employees in one place. It allows you to:

  • book rooms at lower prices (compared to the published hotel prices);
  • make a non-cash payment of a part of all business trip expenses;
  • quickly obtain a full package of all the required accounting documents;
  • get additional services (transfer to the workplace or place of studying of the employees, airport transfer, hot breakfasts, etc. );
  • more accurately plan the budget for business trips.

Payment method – cash or non-cash

Instrument for cooperation – service contract on accommodating the staff in the hotel.

Concluding a corporate service contract

To conclude a corporate service contract, please send us the company’s requisites and the information about the contact person who is responsible for booking accommodation in your company.

It is also advisable to inform us about the preferred rate category of the rooms where you would like to accommodate your employees as well as the desired set of additional services. All these will enable us to offer you the accommodation options and perform the booking as soon as possible.

For further requests and offers feel free to contact our Corporate Clients Division:

+7 (3822) 78-92-63,78-92-50.

Africa Hotel – Stay with us!